Weekend Recap: Atlanta & Point Mallard

Feb 8, 2016

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, TX – The team’s most important road trip of the season could be deemed a failure as the Brahmas gained just two points, falling out of first place.


THURSDAY: The first game of the trip proved to hold the best outcome for the Brahmas, but even then they survived a monumental collapse.

Just five minutes in the team was down 2-0 but rallied, scoring the next SIX in a row over the remainder of the first and entirety of the second.   Zack Andersen recorded two power play goals in the second period alone and the team thought they were sitting pretty up 6-2 with just 20 minutes to go.  They couldn’t have been more wrong though as they sat on their heals and allowed Atlanta to score five in the third, thus sending the game into overtime and eventually a shootout.  Victor Ekk’s wrists eventually won the Brahmas the game but the collapse was eye-opening.

Brandon Perrone stopped 43 of 50 in the win for his 15th win of the season.


FRIDAY: Sean McAndrews opened the scoring but after that it was nowhere to be found as for the second straight day the Brahmas defense allowed the Captitals to score six.  With no countering in sight, the team was walked over and unable to cash in on any power play chances, going 0-4 in that department.   At the end of the dissapointing effort, the home Caps left with a 6-1 victory.

Tyler Myers suffered the loss allowing six goals on 37 shots.


SATURDAY: After trekking from the outskirts of Atlanta to Alabama, the offense still did not make the trip, mustering only one goal against the Point Mallard Ducks.  Similar to the Ducks trip to NYTEX, the “J-Show” ran house, consisting of goals from Jake Cox, Jake Champaign, and Justin Clark.

Again the power play was futile, going 0-3.  Additionally, the team allowed Brandon Perrone to just be fired upon, allowing a massive 55 shots on goal.  Point Mallard left victorious by a score of 4-1.


SUNDAY: The only thing that changed on the next day was that the team was far more undisciplined, taking eight penalties for 24 minutes.

Point Mallard peppered both goaltenders with 54 shots on goal, bringing their total to 109 in just two games.  The Ducks were rifling at will due to lack of defensive help from the forwards and commitment to the team’s game plan.  It wound up being a commanding 5-1 win for the home team.


SYNOPSIS: Going 0-2-2 against these two teams back in October was supposed to give the team motivation to work hard and even the season series but it turns out that their efforts given this weekend were nowhere near what they needed to do so.  Furthermore, they’ll have to live with the outcome of this stretch for an entire three weeks before they touch the ice again.  With only the Top Prospects tournament in between, it’s time to dig deep mentally for this team because no matter their seeding in the Silver Cup playoffs, they have struggled lately against whomever their first round opponent may be.