2018 Showcase Preview

Dec 16, 2018

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS- With a week off from games, the Brahmas now head to Minnesota rested up and ready to take on some of the best teams in the league.


Puck Drop
Sunday December 16th they will be facing off against the Helena Bighorns at 12:45pm. Monday, December 17th the Brahmas and Milwaukee Power are facing off at 10:30am. Tuesday, December 18th the puck will drop at 9:45am for a Brahmas and Binghamton Junior Senators matchup.


All games will be played at the Schwan Super Rink in Minnesota and will be streamed on HockeyTV.


Things of Note…

  • The Brahmas are sitting in 6th place in the league headed into the showcase with fewer games played than all of the teams ahead of them aside from Sunday’s opponent, the Helena Bighorns.
  • The Bighorns (22-2-0), Jr. Senators (23-3-0), and Power (24-4-2) are all first in their respective divisions.
  • It is crucial that the Brahmas continue their tendency for not racking up penalty minutes while they are at the showcase. Their opponents are 1st (Helena), 6th (Milwaukee) and 10th (Binghamton) in the league in power play conversion but the Brahmas are 33rd in the league in penalty minutes. The Brahmas do however lead Helena and Milwaukee in killing penalties, sitting at 9th in the league.


“We’re excited. It’ll definitely be a little different. There will be a couple different styles of play that we will have to adapt to but it’ll be nice to get out of the South and play people who are playing a different style. And we are obviously going to be bringing our style of hockey and try and beat them with that.”
                      -Brahmas captain Michael Redmon on getting out of the South Division and playing other teams in the league they haven’t seen before.